Dear colleagues!

I warmly welcome you to read the first issue of the Consortium Psychiatricum journal of 2021.

We start the year with an editorial article by Professor Norman Sartorius on the future of psychiatry, which focuses on areas for mental health care improvement. Special articles relating to the organization of community mental care have been written by authors from Finland, Norway and Australia. Three research articles have been written by Russian authors and cover different fields of research. The problem of suicide during the COVID-19 pandemic is explored by scientists from St. Petersburg. Basic research regarding the immunological profiles of patients, with different course of schizophrenia, covers the promising area of psychoneuroimmunology. The findings of scientists may add to our knowledge of the biological underpinnings of the different clinical courses of paranoid schizophrenia. Another research article focuses on the clinical topic and creatively explores the phenomenon of gelotophobia (the fear of being laughed at) among patients with schizophrenia and a high risk of psychosis. The emotional response among patients with severe mental disorders is studied, using an aspect of the mental state, such as humour perception, which is unusual for clinicians but may potentially be considered in future clinical practice.    

In 2021 we plan to publish three thematic issues of the journal. The second issue in 2021 will be dedicated to the ICD-11 mental, behavioural or neurodevelopmental disorders. The third issue will cover the topic of the first episode psychosis and its clinical, research and public health aspects. The fourth issue is intended to focus on neurocognitive disorders. You are very welcome to send papers for our thematic issues, as well as articles on the topic of your choice.

George Kostyuk,

Editor-in-chief, Consortium Psychiatricum

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